oneplus nord

The OnePlus Nord is updated to Android 11 with the new beta of OxygenOS 11

After the OnePlus 8, a new batch of OnePlus mobiles is already suitable for the OxygenOS open beta: said beta arrives at OnePlus Nord and is a few days ahead of the update schedule provided by the brand. If you have this phone you can already try Android 11 and the new version of the custom layer.

Starting a new year involves redoing the list of resolutions from the previous year. And the Android updates are surely among the majority of wishes of those who use this system; even though manufacturers are not up to the task of keeping their entire catalog up to date. OnePlus is one of the brands that plan to cover a large part of its devices with Android 11. And it has already reached the mid-range with the first beta OxygenOS 11 for the OnePlus Nord.

2.5 GB upgrade and complete system refresh

OxygenOS 11 poses a complete design change with respect to previous versions of the OnePlus custom layer. This software follows the aesthetic lines raised by Samsung with One UI: better use with one hand and greater visibility of the different elements of the system. In addition, the layer comes standard with Android 11, with all the improvements that this implies.

Since it is a beta, you have to be careful when installing the software on the OnePlus Nord: of course, it can cause the phone to have malfunctions and stability errors. OnePlus has not found any notable bugs.

Apart from the new layer and the renewed version of the operating system, OxygenOS beta 1 for the OnePlus Nord incorporates new designs and clocks for the ‘Display environment’, supports customization of the dark mode, improves support for third-party applications, and is also renewed OnePlus’ own apps, such as weather and gallery. The stability and speed of the phone should be higher after the update.

To install beta 1 of OxygenOS 11 you must download the corresponding version for your OnePlus Nord. At the moment the European version of the firmware is not hanging, but it should not take too long.