Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker: Smart speaker for 60 euros heading to Europe

Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker

Today, smart speakers are the most basic element of a smart home, because, with the help of a voice assistant, they connect the user with other smart devices. According to the PocketNow, the Chinese company Xiaomi is now expanding its offer of smart speakers with the Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker model.

The speaker is coming to Europe with Google Now

The Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker has introduced to the Indian market some time ago together with the Mi Watch Revolve smartwatch and the Mi Smart Band 5 smart bracelet. Now it is finally entering the European market in new colors and at a nice price.

In Spain, for example, it sells for € 52.99 and in Portugal for € 59.95. The pre-installed voice assistant is, of course, Google Assistant and not its Chinese imitation Xiao AI. Launch it by simply calling Hey Google.

Two speakers are required for stereo sound

The smart speaker has a cylindrical shape. The upper side is lined with a light sensor that signals the active voice of the assistant, similar to the legendary KITT from the Knight Rider series.

The top also hides touch buttons that control volume, play music, or mute the built-in microphones. The side oval side hides 2.5-inch 12 W speakers with Digital Theater System (DTS) sound support under a 0.7 mm metal grille.

The sound quality will be further enhanced by the Hi-Fi sound processor TAS5805M manufactured by the American company Texas Instrument. Connectivity with other devices and smartphones is provided by Wi-Fi ac and Bluetooth 4.2.

It is also possible to connect two pieces of Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker using BlueTooth and create one stereo speaker from them. Portal PocketNow time ago tested the speaker, claiming that achieves the same sound quality as speakers Echo Amazon or Google Home.