Wear OS loses advanced strength training tracking with new Google Fit

Last week Google announced the renewal of the sports application. Google Fit this week has begun to receive its new interface and new metrics, but not everything has been improvements and good news.

In its renewal for Wear OS, we have discovered how in its update it has lost one of its most differentiating characteristics with respect to the watches and applications of the competition.

Goodbye to counting sets and reps

The strength training with the new Google Fit to Wear OS has lost track of sets and repetitions that for years had smart clocks based on Google’s operating system.

This feature was used for years by many Wear OS users since it was very reliable in automatically counting the series and repetitions, much more accurate than in other watches or bracelets based on other operating systems.

Now the new Google Fit, for strength training, is only limited to monitoring the heart rate and cardio points, also showing the time and the stopwatch on the screen. It no longer counts the sets and reps.

Complaints have not been long in coming on Reddit and on Twitter asking Google to add this star feature of Google Fit and Wear OS back to their watches since many users only used their watch to count the series and repetitions during their workouts. strength.

We hope that Google will listen to its users and update Google Fit for Wear OS again to recover the tracking of sets and repetitions on their smartwatches since it does not make much sense that you only want to monitor the heart rate for strength training when the most important of that training is the series and repetitions.