Xiaomi is copying Apple again – this time to our disadvantage


Xiaomi and Samsung are going the Apple way, the latest decisions about the scope of delivery of the new top smartphones prove this.

With its market shares, Xiaomi is definitely well on the way to being able to compete with Apple and Samsung in the long term. At least when looking at the bare numbers. Meanwhile, Xiaomi continues to try to see exactly what the competition is actually doing and then tries to take over the good things quickly. And of course, with the upcoming Xiaomi Mi 11, the step towards a smartphone is not missing in its packaging.

Xiaomi not only revealed the packaging of the Mi 11 but also another detail about the scope of delivery. As Apple has already shown, Xiaomi also follows the example of not adding a charger. Today every smartphone user would already have a large number of chargers at home, so there is no need for more. Or actually only when users want to use the improved quick charging functions of new devices.

Xiaomi: First laughed, then copied

Of course, in October, Xiaomi also made fun of the fact that Apple no longer offers chargers for its new iPhones in the scope of delivery. Samsung was among those who regret their cheap laughs today. At Xiaomi you should also regret having made fun of others, only to then simply copy their steps two months later. Unfortunately, today it is a part of opening the door instead of turning on your head first.

Why are chargers being deleted?

In fact, today it can be assumed that everyone owns a smartphone and has appropriate chargers at home. In the Android world, of course, this applies to devices with USB-C, which have been the common standard for a few years. In order to uselessly supply chargers, which ultimately only increases the amount of electronic waste, other smartphone manufacturers will follow Apple’s example in the future. And again nobody dared to take this step earlier. Ridiculous.