MWC 2021 gets a new term, virtual elements will be added

MWC 2021 gets a new term

This year’s MWC 2020 mobile congress has been canceled due to coronavirus concerns. It started by canceling several leading technology companies at the beginning of the year and then wrapping it all up like a snowball.

The GSMA eventually decided to cancel the iconic technology fair in Barcelona for 2020. In the end, however, this does not mean that the MWC, beloved by the technology community, will not return. On the contrary. We should see him next year.

That is, at least provided that the situation comes under control and the world does not have a COVID-19 pandemic in its clutches. At the moment, however, it doesn’t look too rosy.

Nevertheless, the organizers are trying to find a viable path. Representatives of the GSMA organization announced today via Twitter that the MWC 2021 trade fair is currently scheduled for the period from June 28 to July 1, 2021.

More room for maneuver

Traditionally, MWC takes place at the beginning of the year, more precisely at the end of February or the beginning of March. A later date will give the organizers some room to maneuver and give them a chance to deal with any complications associated with a possible pandemic.

In recent months, not only technology companies have learned how to use their virtual space to present their products and vision without the need for a physical meeting.

Part of this experience therefore wants to use the GSMA for the MWC 2021 trade fair, which is to be intertwined with “virtual elements”. What exactly this will mean in practice is not yet known.

However, it is clear from the published statement that the organizers want to do everything to make MWC 2021 a success. Several big names should be interested in participating in MWC 2021.

With how quickly the situation is changing and various measures being implemented, it remains only to believe that the epidemiological situation in 2021 will look very favorable. Otherwise, the mentioned “virtual elements” will have to come to the fore.