Huawei faces a new problem: mobile phone manufacturer loses support in China

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For Huawei, the situation is getting worse every day. The Chinese company is massively threatened by the US ban and it is now known that even from China, support for the cell phone manufacturer is becoming increasingly thin – for good reason.

Huawei partners are afraid of their own US ban

As of September 15, companies around the world using US technology will no longer be allowed to ship components to Huawei.

Samsung, LG, SK Hynix, and many other large companies then ended their cooperation with Huawei. The Chinese company, therefore, hopes to be able to find alternatives in China to close the gaps.

For example, the largest chip manufacturer from China, SMIC, is supposed to compensate for the missing processors from abroad. But that is exactly what the USA also wants to prevent, namely with similarly tough sanctions against the contract manufacturer.

This threat alone is said to have induced other Chinese companies that rely on US technology to manufacture their products to independently end their cooperation with Huawei – reports the DigiTimes.

Deliveries were quietly stopped and projects that were to be developed together were ended. For Huawei, the situation will of course not improve. When even Chinese companies can no longer supply Huawei, then it becomes extremely difficult to manufacture new products.

Many of the components currently in use rely on US technology and are therefore difficult to get for Huawei.

Huawei has to develop its own technologies

The Chinese company Huawei can now only build products with the components that are in stock. In the last few months, the stores have been filled, so that you can make ends meet for some time. In the long run, however, Huawei has to develop its own components, which, however, do without US technology.

It will certainly not be an easy undertaking. Hoping that US sanctions will evaporate shouldn’t be Huawei. Even if the US president changes, the tough course against China could continue.

The whole situation is a problem not only for Huawei but also for other companies like Sony.