It’s getting serious: The lights are going out for TikTok and WeChat in the USA

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The pressure is increasing: As of Sunday, it will no longer be possible in the USA to download TikTok and Wechat in app stores, the US Department of Commerce says

In the last few days there was always something new to read about the TikTok cause, unfortunately, nothing that would have increased the future chances of the app in the United States. Microsoft has dropped out of poker or the offer from ByteDance was rejected.

The other interested party – Oracle – actually still wants to become the partner for TikTok US, but this partnership that Oracle has in mind and where ByteDance in the USA is being scrutinized is not what US President Trump has in mind Has.

ByteDance would continue to hold the majority of the fate of the popular app in their own hands, even if the data of the US users remained in the USA. As I said: The US government didn’t approve of any of this and that’s why the thumbscrews have now been tightened again.

As announced by the US Department of Commerce, in the US of A, both TikTok and WeChat will disappear from both Apple’s App Store and Google Play next Sunday. WeChat will no longer work in the USA from Sunday.

TikTok is granted a final grace period in this regard: If you installed TikTok on your smartphone before Sunday, you can use it until November 12th.

That is how long ByteDance still has time to comply with the demands of the US government and to deny that it is working too closely with the Chinese government. The best way to do this would still be to sell the US business to a US company. With such a deal, Donald Trump would also have to give his blessing first.

I’ve already let you know several times that I find this approach absurd. Trump intervenes in the economy in an absurd way and actually acts more like an autocrat now. I only recall his crude idea that if the US business was sold, a substantial portion of the proceeds should be transferred to the US government itself.

With such actions, the US government is only making it clear to me that they are not looking for a constructive discussion of the topic, but simply throw all available sticks into China’s legs.