Google Assistant launches “do nothing” mode in India

The vast majority of the commands supported by Google Assistant are designed to help you in various tasks, however Google’s AI also supports some joking commands.

One of these, recently launched in collaboration with Cadbury India, renders Google Assistant completely useless from a productivity standpoint.

This command has been around for a few weeks and activates Google Assistant’s “Do Nothing” mode, turning it into a companion who will try to relax after eating a snack.

Google Assistant lancia “Do nothing mode” in India

Indian users can activate this mode by saying “Ok Google, eat a 5 star” and from then on all the answers they will receive from the Google Assistant will be cheeky and practically useless and will have the sole purpose of helping them to unplug and not to do nothing for a while.

A promotional video from the chocolate maker shows some of the commands supported while using Do Nothing mode and the type of responses Google Assistant might provide.

The video also highlights that the feature supports Hindi queries, so the Google Assistant language must be set to English (India). The purpose of the feature is clearly devoted to uselessness and humor, in line with the marketing that revolves around the snack.