Android 11 grows at a better rate than Android 10 has

Android 11

Android 11

Apparently, the effects of Project Treble begin to be seen in Android updates, and the data released today by Google confirms this. On the occasion of today’s announcement on the extension of support for new smartphones, the Californian company has in fact provided the first information on the speed of distribution of Android 11.

For more than a year, Google has no longer published data relating to the distribution of its operating system, so it becomes difficult to know at what speed Android is spreading on the market. The image below shows how the latest version of Android is performing better than the previous ones in terms of adoption rate.

Android 11

However, it must be said that the data are expressed in the number of active users and not as a percentage as we used to see, thus providing a different image of the numbers. Beyond this consideration, in the first two months of presence on the market Android 11 ended up on a greater number of devices than Android 10.

This, therefore, means that there are more smartphones updated to Android 11 today than received the update to Android 10 last year. However, it should be noted that the adoption curve of Android 11 is very close to that of Android 10, which skyrocketed around three months (probable thanks to the update of Samsung flagships) so the situation could change very quickly over the course of the next weeks.

We will see, therefore, if Google will have the courtesy to provide us with updated data, if it is just a flash in the pan or if Android 11 will confirm this trend.

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