Android Q will offer the new gesture navigation and the classic three buttons

One of the most important novelties of Android Q that were presented in the Google I / O 2019 was the new navigation by gestures. Google has redesigned the gestures of its operating system to be similar to the gestures of iOS, but that does not mean that we have to dismiss the classic navigation bar.

During a technical session on gestures, Google has decided that in Android Q the two navigation systems will coexist: the classic three buttons and gesture navigation.

Gestures and buttons in Android Q

Google does not eliminate the navigation bar with the buttons Back, Home and Applications open because there is a large number of users who prefer this classic navigation system in front of the gestures, so Android Q will offer the two navigation systems.

Manufacturers using pure Android will be able to say which of the two navigation systems to put by default. ** The user can change ** in the gestures section of the system settings. In Android Q Beta 3 the Pixel 3 can now put the navigation bar of three buttons.

The manufacturers that choose to customize their interface will be able to create their own gestures as they have up until now, although ideally, all manufacturers bet on the same gestures so that the use of any Android is intuitive.