Adware was found in 50 applications. They have been downloaded up to 30 million times

Avast Antivirus

Avast Antivirus has discovered 50 apps in Google Play that contained adware elements. The number of installations for these applications ranges from 5,000 to 5 million. Overall, there are more than 30 million installations.

This kind of adware constantly displays ads across the screen, and in some cases tries to persuade users to install additional ad applications

Not completely against Google Play rules

Aggressive adware was in applications for music, photo editing, and fitness. Adware applications are linked by using Android libraries that bypass background service restrictions.

Although this circumvention is not explicitly forbidden by Google Play, Avast also detects it because applications using these libraries waste battery and slow down the device. Contrary to the Google Play app rules, these libraries are constantly using more and more ads.

Users were forced to install new applications

Once installed, most apps seemed to work as described on their Google Play site. In addition, representatives of new apps appeared on the home screen and full-screen ads were displayed when the device was unlocked.

In some cases, ads appeared regularly while you were using the device. In other cases, the applications contained code that was able to download other applications and ask users to install them. Most of the apps have added an app called “Game Center” to the home screen, opening a page promoting different games.

Google already knows about it

Obviously, Avast has acted and Google has contacted the request to remove these applications based on these findings.